2020 VIP Membership

2020 VIP Membership

  • $350.00

Our 2020 VIP Program is a STEAL! What started out as a sign a month plan 4 years ago, now has NO limitations! The value of this program is over $550, with the yearly savings of 40%!!

Use your VIP card to purchase items in store or online, or split it with a friend and each use your balance to attend paint parties or grab a quick custom gift! 

The FULL value of your VIP membership is loaded onto a card with a custom number, making it simple for in store OR online shopping! 

In years past, the VIP plan could only be spent on Sass & Sawdust items. BUT NOW, for the first time ever, in 2020, there are NO exclusions on items you may purchase. Swipe your card for garden flags, candles, home decor, or even on clearance items and custom orders!

Exclusive Holiday Pricing is valid from Nov 9th through Black Friday, and then goes to regular price! ONLY 20 SPOTS are open for 2020 Membership, so don't delay and purchase yours with this exclusive pricing, or gift it to a friend!